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What some of our fans have to say about Valley Isle Electric

1/20/13: Fan Floyd Van Auken says:

We had an emergency at the home where the owner (Floyd) drilled through the service lines installing shelving brackets in the garage. Of course, this took out our electrical service completely. Don Varni came out on Sunday afternoon and within about an hour and half replaced the service lines from the MECO meter to the house fuse box. He even went as far as replacing the existing drywall board cutouts, so that all that is needed is to tape, mud, and paint. We have always been pleased with the professional service from Valley Isle Electric. Mahalo to Don for a job well done!

3/30/12: Fan April says:

Shane was here and fixed my switch!As always Shane was prompt, friendly and solved our problem quickly. We always appreciate the wonderful service provided by Valley Isle Electric and its technicians!

2/9/12: Fan Mr. Hansen says:

Ron and the whole crew at your company did a fabulous job in fixing our very complicated outdoor lighting system. I was very impressed with their knowledge and the way they stood behind their work They came back several times at no extra cost to trouble shoot the system. I was very impressed.


Fan Floyd Van Auken says:

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Shane for the work performed at our Kamaole Sands condo. Shane "single-handedly" installed a 13 ft track lighting with 10 pendant lights in our loft bedroom. He was patient and precise in cutting the pendant cords and installing the proper connectors for all 10 pendant lights.

Thanks again to Valley Isle Electric and to Shane's quality workmanship!


Fan April from Kihei Kai Condos says:

Just wanted to follow up and let you know that Shane did a great job here. He is very polite and professional and his knowledge and know-how were very appreciated. Can’t tell you enough how wonderful it was having Shane here working on our projects. He was a problem solver and very pleasant to work with. We will definitely be using your company again for any future electrical work and would request Shane again. I will also recommend you to the other properties here as well as to the management company that runs the Kihei Kai Association as well as many other properties.


Fan David Salvador says this about Valley Isle Electric:

Straight Forward Pricing is definitely a plus!


Fan Paul Emanovsky says:

What stood out in his mind today was that our technician was professional in appearance. That there was a client bond that formed on his visit. Shane cleaned up after himself and wore his shoe covers. Shane addressed all of his questions and concerns.

He was impressed that Shane made an effort to stay beyond the end of his day to finish the job. Paul liked that we were all courteous. And when asked about if our response time was good he replied “absolutely… couldn’t have expected any better on this island”. And he would not change a thing about our service.


Fan Lily Hureta says:

When asked what one thing we did that stood out in her mind says: “Donovan was so patient the job took some time to finish time”.

She said he was a very nice person and a sweet guy. She commented that our response time was good. He did a good job on wearing his shoe covers and cleaned up after himself. He was good at answering all of her questions and concerns.

When asked if she would like to comment on what we could do to improve our company. She said that “the rates were good and she is going to recommend us to everyone.


Fan Colleen Cluney says:

When asked what one thing Valley Isle Electric did in providing her service that stood out in her mind, she said, “Your response time was immediate and Shane arrived when he said he would.”

She went on to share that he was very polite and respectful. That he wore his shoe coverings and cleaned up after himself. He listened to what she had to say he made me feel comfortable, and confident. In asking if there was anything she could share with us to improve our company she said, “No. That she was impressed that Shane came back on his weekend day to finish the job.”

He also told me if there was anything he could do or I had any questions to please call him. She will be recommending us to others in the future.


Fan Meg Davis...:

...was so excited to share with us about her service call she called right after Donovan left her home. She shared that he was so nice and very courteous "He didn't even complain when he had to crawl up in the small space to do his job." He cleaned up after himself and wore his booties. She said "The place looked better than it did before he came." She made comment to the fact that he showed her all the prices before he even got started and there were no surprises." Meg liked the way we did the arranging of the service call even the email of confirmation with Donovan's picture included. She topped it off by telling me she was going to tell everyone about Valley Isle Electric. Also she added "I could not say enough good things about you."


Fan Cameron Keys says:

Complimented our technician Donovan by sharing that he went the extra mile and he stayed till the job was done so he did not have to come another day. He liked that the pricing was up front and before Donovan even got started what the price of the job was going to be.


Fans Art and Kathy Tai owners of Kathy Interior Design and Pool Pro Had this to say about Valley Isle Electric:

The thing that stood out in their minds was that Donovan took the time to think how things would work all the way through the job before he got started. She stated that our response time was good. Donovan was so courteous and cleaned up after himself when finished. He absolutely answered all of my questions and concerns. I asked her if there was anything else she could share that would improve our service. She said "No that we were really good and the prices were reasonable. I am really impressed with your company. I will be recommending you too many.


Fans Paul and Sueko Wong say:

We recently had a call back conversation with Paul, he commented that Donovan took time to check everything out and that our response time was good. They also agreed that they got the red carpet treatment and shoe coverings were worn. That Donovan` addressed all their questions and concerns. Sueko Wong sent in her comment card. Our phone representative Jacqueline rated 5 stars along with worked preformed, employee appearance, and our employee attitude. Sueko said, "At present time & age it is very hard to have a whole company with such courteous employees." Thank You Paul and Sueko Wong for letting us be of service to you.


An anonymous Fan wrote:

Was so enthused she told me that Donovan was a very good person and he was so sweet. He corrected the hotwire which she paid two other electricians lots of money to do and Donovan was the only one to figure out how to fix the problem. When asked if he was courteous she remarked that he is the top of the line. And when he was done he cleaned up after him self he even moved the table to clean. Always send Donovan.


Fan Carol Olsen had this to say:

That Shane did such a great job she had already recommended him to other people. He was courteous he cleaned up after the job was done. He answered all my questions and concerns and she cannot think of any way to improve our service in her words "It was all good.".


Fan Steve Baney talked with us today:

He was so happy to share about his experience he had when our technician Donovan came to make a service call at his home. The thing that impressed him most was we sent out such a qualified professional and well trained technician. He went on to say that we were really lucky to have him in our company. He was so careful about everything he did. We were really comfortable about having him in our home. He took the time to explain everything he was doing. Steve expressed that "we are really lucky to have an outfit like yours on Maui". We thank you Steve, for sharing your personal thoughts about Valley Isle Electric.


Fan Gina Flammer...:

...conveyed to me that she was provided with a technician that was sent to redo some one else's mistakes. He came with a can do attitude it seemed nothing was a problem. Shane was courteous, answered all of her questions and concerns. All of these things made for a very pleasant visit. Mahalo Gina for sharing with us your experience with Valley Isle Electric.


Fan Blaise Noto had this to say about his visit from Valley Isle Electric:

That he liked that Shane was prompt even quicker than expected. Shane was courteous and cleaned up after he was finished. Blaise said," It was great that Shane showed me everything before he did the work he's terrific".


Jeannine Copp from Mana Web:

Don Varni has shown exceptional integrity and is someone I can really trust! Thanks Don.Click for the BBB Business Review of this Electricians in Paia HI


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