Home Generators, Specialty Services and Partner Programs

In addition to our regular electrical inspections and repairs, Valley Isle Electric offers Maui customers a wide selection of products and services.

Home Generators

Power keeps your life running. Your home is your getaway, your sanctuary, your investment, and you may not even realize how much of it depends on uninterrupted electricity. Blackouts and power outages occur without warning, disrupting your family’s needs and putting your life on hold.

With Power Island Personal Power Supply your power will never be out again. Your home will be like an electric island in the middle of a sea of darkened homes. Imagine ... no more inconvenience, spoiled food, struggling to get your garage door open. Learn how the Energy Island Personal Power Supply keeps you running at full power.

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Excellent Electricians

Excellent Electricians Logo.  Click for details.Valley Isle Electric is an approved member of Excellent Electrician which helps consumers understand their electrical systems, gives advice for preventative servicing and electrical safety, and recommends certified electricians. The only Maui Electrician in their system, Valley Isle Electric is proud to be deemed a "professional who stands apart from the rest and delivers the best." See why.

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Ongoing Service Plans from your Maui Electrician

Valley Isle Electric Technician - Home Protection PlanSafety and peace of mind! Valley Isle Electric is proud to offer a Home Protection Plan.  Our Home Protection Plan members receive special discounts and “head of the line” service for as long as they are members. Our technicians will present and explain the plan and its benefits to you.